Shane Bailey, Jim Roeg, Dave Fiore, Johnny Bacardi, Robby Reed…

…Even friend of the blog Spot 1980, they’re all back. Heck, Ian Brill’s back. Everybody’s back.

Isn’t that great?

You know I was just about to write a piece called “On The Life-Span Of Blogs” (okay, that was a month ago I started that one), but now I can’t, because there’s too much fresh data. What a pleasant surprise. You see, Universe? Prigogine didn’t win his Nobel fer nuttin’…


7 responses to “Shane Bailey, Jim Roeg, Dave Fiore, Johnny Bacardi, Robby Reed…

  1. Also: Dan!


    At the very least you owe the blogosphere your devastating takedown of “Liberal Fascists”. Make me a one-stop shop, for that. Make it so anytime some idiot says “I think Goldberg’s got a good point” I can just give them a link to your clean-up hitter post.

    If I were Jewish I would invent a freakin’ HILARIOUS satirical song about just how far self-loathing can go, here. Why these days you have Jews fulminating against the International Zionist Banking With Aliens Conspiracy. I mean it is simply madness.

    My song would have rhymed “your Eighties power suspenders” with “just like that girl from EastEnders”.

    Well, it’s the stuff in between that would’ve rocked it. Honestly.

  2. But is such a takedown even really possible without venturing into True Scotsman territory? Granted, I think it’s a perfectly valid way to go in that particular context, but it feels dirty.

    On the self-loathing subject: perhaps it’s all the fluoride in their drinking water?

  3. Not that it has anything to do with the above, but that’s about how I’d feel if fafblog revived.

    Also about how I actually feel with Hitherby posting again. She was wonderfully prolific for a while, but something happened and I’ve spent months hoping she’s all right.

    Knowest thou Hitherby? Give Awaiting the Reconciler a try,have a brief chuckle over An Oracle for NP. If those are to your taste, then go for broke with the outstanding Rainbow Noir.

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