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Two things, Bloggers (well, three if you count the SF radio thing that I plan to return to in my next post): one, pick a famous writer/penciller/inker/colorist/letterer team that you know of, and say what comic title they would’ve rocked the world by working on.

I’ll give you examples: Roy Thomas and Neal Adams on Iron Man.

Steve Englehart, Gene Colan, and Tom Palmer on The Incredible Hulk.

Claremont/Byrne/Austin on Legion Of Super-Heroes.

Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz on Dr. Occult.


And two: just to annoy Brian Cronin, give me your line-up of ideal Avengers. I dare you to go nuts on this. Go crazy!

This was a drunken post by me — nevertheless, let a million poisoned flowers bloom!


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  1. hmm…

    Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely on The Atom

    Roger Stern, Al Milgrom, and Joe Sinnott on Spider-Woman

    Walt Simonson & John Workman on Doom Patrol

    Roy Thomas, Gene Colan, and Tom Palmer on The Spectre

    Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer on Superman

    Captain America, The Wasp, Hank Pym, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Black Panther, Moondragon, Iron Man

  2. Perfect lineup – Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, Beast, Colossus, Wolverine, The White Queen, Bishop, waitaminute…

    Oh right, the Avengers! (not the Ultimates which would be a different lineup altogether)- Thor, Hawkeye, Jim Rhodes as Iron Man, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Falcon, the new teenage Vision with Kang’s brain patterns, Spiderwoman, and maybe Luke Cage. Oh and Jarvis and Henry Peter Gyrich.

    No Black Widow. No Giant Man and Wasp crap. No Wonder Man, ever. There’s no good stories left for those characters. Maybe the Scarlet Witch if you could get a good story out of her. Same with the Hulk. Ironically, I think my Ultimates lineup would be way more “classic”.

    Oh and Plok is a gentleman and a scholar, who has bestowed upon me a gift so profound I dare not mention it.

    As for best imaginary creative team on a book – well there almost was a Eduardo Risso/Paul Pope Kamandi series. Which if you’re not excited by the concept of you don’t like comics.

    But just making one up? Uh, I’d love to see Mike Oeming writng AND drawing a Thor book. Ed Brubaker and Jae Lee should do a book together. And Adam Warren should be doing Teen Titans with zero editorial input.

  3. I’m RAB and I’m here to tell you winners blog and bloggers win at A Trout In The Milk!

    With all due respect to my close personal friend Brian, the Avengers are not just any group of characters the writer says are Avengers at a given moment. Attempts to treat the team that way have all ended in tears and recrimination. The essence of the Avengers is a team of characters who stay together despite continually keeping one another off balance, thanks to the complementary forces of attraction and friction. It’s not that, say, the Scarlet Witch is an Avenger — it’s the crazy skewed interaction of Wanda, Pietro, Clint Barton, and the Vision collectively that’s special to the Avengers. It’s Wanda being a little bit awestruck by Steve Rogers while he tries to straighten out her arrogant brother and a formerly crooked archer by showing them how a hero acts. It’s not the Wasp; it’s Jan putting on a big show of flirting with a Norse thunder god, constantly looking over her shoulder waiting for Hank to notice and be jealous. It’s the Hulk going from member to enemy in a blink, because a bunch of people he could never stand anyway have hurt his feelings.

    I’ve often praised Avengers Forever, and that lineup of Avengers nails this basic principle in a way Kurt never quite managed with the regular series. Hawkeye and Yellowjacket bickering while Hank Pym freaks out. The Platonic ideal of the Avengers calls for a serious case of unrequited love somewhere in the mix, represented in AF by the time-crossed relationship of Captain Marvel and Songbird.

    At least one of the three top tier members needs to be present, preferably feeling apart from the rest, brooding over problems the rest can’t help him with: that’s your surrogate father figure, whether it’s Cap or Iron Man or Thor. Add to this one abrasive low-rent loudmouth who drives everyone else nuts but still comes through when the chips are down: Clint used to fill this role, but the character has moved beyond that now so it’s time for a newer character to step up. One aloof, condescending, quasi-aristocratic character to lock horns with the loudmouth: at various times this has been Thor, Quicksilver, the Vision, or even Moondragon. Add at least one unrequited love and/or romantic triangle, with as much angst as possible. Finally, we need at least one of the members who are most strongly identified with the Avengers and have never really worked apart from the team: Hank Pym (in any identity), the Wasp, the Vision, Wanda…

  4. Agree with RAB on the Avengers chemistry thing. A lot of it had more to do with the history of the characters and their relationships than just some quick summary of the team’s high concept formula.

    I haven’t really got an exact lineup, but I’m always happy when I see a lineup that includes:
    Pre-Asshole Iron Man
    Pre-dead Cap
    Henry Pym (maybe they should try another “active but no costume” phase for him again at some point)
    Wonder Man (must wear goofy safari-leisure suit outfit)
    the Beast (at least an acknowledgment that he’s been out in the world of “non mutant pro superheroes” in the x-books)
    Would love to see Songbird released from the Osbourne-run incarnation of the T-bolts by Stark & offered a place (big “Forever” fan here as well).

    Characters I don’t generally like as Avengers:
    Love Hercules as a supporting or guest character, but he becomes uninteresting as a full member somehow.
    The Black Knight. He was more interesting as a statue than he has ever been since.
    Gilgamesh, Dr, Druid, and Rage: a triumvirate of the all-time lamest Avengers ever.

  5. She-Hulk, Ed? Really?

    Ah, I love reading these. Aragones/Evanier Peanuts, for Christ’s sake? Mark Gruenwald writing Superman? Madness, pure madness…although I sense what’ll wake me up laughing tonight will be the idea of a Claremont-scripted Wonder Woman. Good God! Memes are fun. I’ve changed my dream team of Moench/Sienkiewicz from doing Green Lantern to doing Dr. Occult, just for the hell of it…and because it would obviously be so great…although, holy cow, I just realized that’s wrong too, because they should be on Books Of Magic! Yikes, how good would that be.

    Now for Avengers. RAB has it nailed down (although somehow he forgot to mention ROM)…the only thing I think he’s missing is the Newbie Avenger, an old favourite of mine. Personally I like a fully-loaded Avengers team of about a baker’s dozen, but you can’t have that all the time…although at the same time outside of Cap’s Kooky Quartet I don’t really care for the small-group Avengers either. Seven is just a shade too low; give me eight or even nine, and I’m happy. And in my opinion what’s wanted is all three of the big shots, I mean why not? I’ll second Ed’s vote for Songbird, she and ROM would make terrific Newbie Avengers. Also I’m a big fan of Hawkeye, Hank and Jan provided they’re a happy couple, otherwise yawn, and I like Wanda but let’s face it that is a character there’s no more stories to tell about. Well…okay, I think having Teen Vision around could possibly give Wanda something interesting to do, for the first time since practically forever. Of course Teen Vision is not the “real” Vision, we all know that, but I despair of anyone knowing what to do with the real Vision these days, outside of blowing him up. I’m sort of amazed I can even remember back to the days when Quicksilver was an Avenger, eventually I’m sure a writer will come along that’s capable of using him for something again. That might be pretty good, actually: Quicksilver returns to the Avengers? But it’s been like thirty years, man! And in that time he’s been a cuckold, a crazy man, an unreasonably huge asshole even by his own standards, a flat-out villain, and whatever awful travesty of himself he’s been for the last few years. Boy, and you know who really sucked as an Avengers writer, really sucked outstandingly? John Byrne. Holy cow, did he ever make trainwrecks out of those trademarks. I blame him, for everything that’s gone wrong with the title. I really do.

    I feel like Shooter really screwed up the Beast’s Avengers persona, but I still like having him around. Not while he’s Lion-Man, though. Boy, was Shooter ever rough on his characters. He even presided over the first appearance of dickish Iron Man.

    Who’m I missing?

    Oh crap, I’m already at twelve or something, aren’t I?

    Tell you what, I’ll give a quick line-up that I think would work for a run maybe a couple of years from now, or a couple of years ago. Provided, that is, it could be set in the wonderful Avengers’ Mansion, gosh what a great idea for a headquarters that is…

    Goliath (what, is Hank Pym supposed to be stuck as Yellowjacket permanently now, or something?)
    Black Panther
    Teen Vision

    Then Quicksilver rejoins the team in about three or four issues, causing everybody to freak out.

    Then ROM drops in as a guest-star, and loafs around the mansion for several issues.

    Then in about a year’s time, the Scarlet Witch rejoins, and here’s the twist: her brother kind of likes Teen Vision as a teammate, by this time. I mean, why wouldn’t he, it’s not the “real” Vision, is it? Oooh, awkwardness…

    Just a thought.

  6. Oh, Avengers, can I play too?

    First off, you need a leader, and that’s Tony. Cap can go collect his pension or push up his daisies or whatever else he’s doing right now.

    You need a good balance of sexes, which means a careful selection of women. Wanda would have been a shoe-in only her character is so fouled up she has the stench of death about it. So I’d have Natasha instead. Moondragon’s a good choice, being both unpleasant and sapphic. Sersi’s my favourite all-time Avengeress – the only decent thing Bob Harras did in the nineties. I’d steal a mutant in the form of Lorna Dane.

    As for men, well, you have to have Hawkeye, even though he’s functionally useless, as he’s funny. And you need a Goliath, as Avengers covers don’t look right without someone big. I’d take Hank Pym. Jan’s off reseaching sea snails or something. Then Thor for muscle, Hank for brains.

    Finally, you need to have someone who’s never been an Avenger before. I’d plump for Marianne Rodgers, a deranged telepath-girlfriend who Tony Stark shoved into a lunatic asylum about a million years ago. So that’s

    Iron Man
    Black Widow
    Marianne Rodgers

  7. Damn, these clones get everywhere.

    Yeah, maybe I need a non-crazy woman. How about Mary Jane Watson? Dropkick or Drawstring or Milkshake or whatever her new moniker is.

  8. Ha, “Drawstring”!

    By the way, Mutt — I was kinda thinking Colan would draw some very moody desert scenes. But actually now that I think about it, maybe the Hulk needs more of a new direction even than that. Morrison/Lee? 1234 was pretty gorgeous…and Morrison’s Abomination would probably be worth a read all on its own…

  9. I’ll say Dan Slott and Ty Templeton on the original Teen Titans.

    My ideal Avengers team … well, I’ve tended to read whenever Perez has drawn the book, so it’d probably be

    Captain America
    Iron Man
    Scarlet Witch
    Ms. Marvel

    … but that’s pretty much one of the Busiek/Perez lineups, isn’t it? If we throw in someone who’s never been an Avenger before, as I understand is the custom, let’s induct Jean Grey. (Too many bad memories at the X-mansion, you see.)

  10. Sorry to have dropped out for so long. Good to be back.

    The world is the poorer for never having read Len Wein and Berni Wrightson’s The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

    But would it have been rocked? Maddeningly, the comics that should be rocking the world are stuck in boutique editions. We all know Jim Woodring and George Burns should be positively minting it – people should be grabbing up the New Yorker and Playboy just to see what they do next. Bone should have been on every newsrack in its time. The media haven’t got the trick of whetting the mass appetite for novelty – admittedly a chancy proposition. And the Big Two have successfully oversold the expectation of comics as genre. It’s a problem.

    Avengers, hmmm?

    Firstly, What RAB Said.

    Next, getting my antique prejudices out of the way: for the Avengers to feel right to me, there have to be Wanda and the Vision, and Hank and Jan, and Hawkeye and Cap. But they don’t have to be there all at once, and they might be replaceable by associates who share their histories. The key is that the Avengers should take in some of the most vivid and novel of new characters, and some of the most central of the old. The Avengers should consolidate continuity while opening up new avenues – and both functions are badly needed right now.

    Wanda. Blame it all on Chthon! God of corruption and chaos, been hanging round nebulously for years. Busiek signalled a war with him among Kang’s blackmail prophecies, but it never came to pass. It would be easy to reveal that all Wanda’s stupider power excursions have been his doing. Observe his first great victory, then: he’s wiped out most of the mutants! So we’ll put Wanda back to her proper self, kick off the war against Chthon, and give her Wundagore for an army. Oh, and give her Pietro as a reluctant antagonist, with valid but contrary plans.

    Hank Pym. Blame all things Ultron on him, and give him Ultron as his prime motivation. So it’s come down to nanotech now? Fine – Hank knows “cybernetics”, AI, mind-recording and swarm psychology. Make him powerful, make things hinge on his decisions, keep him aware of how many times he’s screwed up before. If he hasn’t gone subatomic before this, well now we know that Pym particles are from a micro-dimension full of insect people, and he might as well be aware of the fact. He can have a gigantic superscience HQ and keep it in his pocket.

    The Vision. The Young Avenger – but allow the original to have made backups, and show up in software from time to time. That female Ultron, Alkema, had mind-disks of just about everyone, as I recall. He looks neat, and a few good stories could establish him as a worthy successor. Position him as the anti-Ultron.

    The Wasp. [Grinds teeth.] Look, Bendis, and the rest of you. I don’t mind if you decided that Kurt Busiek backed you into a corner and you had to crack his plotting open to proceed. But you do register that Jan van Dyne has been the commander of Earth’s final defense, and had to stand there in charcoal black and offer Earth’s surrender to Kang? That was a credible character development, the first she’s had in years, and her newfound stature is not lightly to be forgotten. Her powers aren’t much, but her centrality makes her a natural leader for the team.

    Hawkeye. There can only be one Clint Barton, and if he has to cheat his way out of hell, he’s the smartass who can. The team requires his unpretentious common nature.

    Captain America? I like the idea of the YA’s Eli Bradley, but damned if I don’t like Priest’s Josiah X better. The suit and shield don’t make it by themselves, a successor to Cap has to have stone hard integrity and it helps to have someone who talks that way from the start.

    Captain Marvel? I want there to be someone from the Mar-Vell lineage, and fond though I am of Monica and Carol, my choice is Noh-Var, teenage nutcase and heir to Kree madscience. Feel there’s potential here.

    Atlas. A lot of things come round full circle with Erik Josten. There are good reasons to want Songbird in the mix, but I think she has more initiative trying to lead her own team. I like the idea of Erik surpassing his doubts and joining the premier team.

    And Firebird. She’s powerful and doesn’t angst. Bonita gives a team balance.

    I’m going against tradition by cutting Iron Man, Thor and Steve Rogers (if he shows up again) loose to redevelop on their own, but there’s enough of the old team chemistry still there.

  11. Marvel Boy is not Captain Marvel. He’s much, much cooler than that.

    Oh, and why is it chic to want the fascist superhero to replace Starlin’s most humanistic character?

  12. The creative team of Stern/Byrne/Austin/Oliver-Wein/Orzechowski on the old Green Arrow. Kind of an odd choice, but that’s me.

    As for the ideal Avengers team: Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg. (Of course, that’s me showing my current anti-marvel bias these days.)

  13. My feeling is that you probably couldn’t have Teen Vision around for more than a year or two without showing him doing something kind of secretive…eventually revealed as reconstructing the original Vision. Give him mild identity issues — the real Vision isn’t his Creator, but he still needs to meet that guy. Also, John Byrne studiously overlooked this, but I would be incredibly unsurprised if the Vision isn’t backed up in ISAAC, and a fresh copy of him has been available all this time. Well, it doesn’t really matter how it gets done…

    Jonathan reminds me to point out that, since West Coast Avengers, to me that Big Three is really a Big Four — Hawkeye’s a good replacement for Captain America.

    Stern/Byrne on GA? A nostalgia-facelift in other words — I would read that.

  14. I love the restraint of just calling that “idiosyncratic”, Matthew.

    How come so many people love Sterno’s Captain Marvel, anyway? I think the time I liked her the best was in that Avengers Annual with Byrne inking Ditko. Love it when Ditko does Kirby characters. And of course Roger’s scripting is always a pleasure…

  15. Eep! Don’t get me wrong, Sean, I almost did write “Marvel Boy”, but I was dithering over which of the CM spinoffs would suit the Avengers best.

    I don’t like how the writers have stuck Noh-Var in the red-and-blues, and seem to expect he’ll tamely play ball with Stark’s Initiative. He’s the last person who would. Which is why I chose him from the half-dozen worthy possibilities … the Avengers mustn’t be just a nostalgia group, they need to centralize the old and showcase the new.

    Yes, indeed Mar-Vell is the most human of Starlin’s brood. But Marvel Boy a fascist? Need to be careful with this. Morrison’s throwaway line was that the title of the para-Kree ideology translated best as “Zen fascism” – a contradiction so blatant it boggles the mind. I’m sure that’s supposed to say, “Contradiction to your furry little stone axe bonking minds perhaps, but to our streamlined million-year-old culture its the everyday dialectic.” Gee, Morrison the Hegelian. Anyway, Noh-Var is chic if done right – in a team he’d play the role of My Favourite Martian, or Sienkevich-Warlock, you know? Alternately charmed that someone’s treating him like human being, and deciding that human beings are very boring, and proceeding to amuse himself.

    Hey Plok, why do I like Monica? It’s partly she’s so straight she deserves a fair go. It’s also partly that I love the lore of the Mississippi Delta, and Monica’s background picks that up in a modern context without reducing it to a caricature of the ’30s. They missed out badly, not giving her a Hurricane Katrina arc, she being emergency personnel and all. Which is how sodding relevant Marvel is these days, grump grump.

    Finally … I was going through characters for my ideal Avengers, and I was struck by how many youngsters were available. As much as I’ve read of them, the Young Avengers aren’t bad characters – lousy names, but good conceptions. I toyed with Busiek’s Silverclaw, and Priest’s Queen Divine Justice. Some New Warriors could fit in, a couple of Power Packers, Busiek’s Charlie Cole the Burning Man, Gravity, Scorpion, Jolt, Louise Simsonson’s Warlock & Co., and the Project Livewire kids. You could run an indefinite free-for-all, just dropping random calamities among this lot while they got to know one another. I think it would be the most fun since the original T-bolts.

  16. Ah it was more me being bother with how the character’s been handled than your statement, Jonathan. Fascim=shorthand for my point, which you obviously got anyway. Also I seem to remember an interview where Morrison called it “Kirby Fascism”, but had to change it for the book. Which might be both more and less of a contradiction.

  17. And of course, welcome back, Jonathan. Where do you go, anyway?

    Was on my way to bed, but suddenly struck by the interesting idea of pomo-interpreting “Zen fascism”…although I (gasp!) haven’t read Marvel Boy, I was just doing some reading about fascism, and I know the odd thing about Zen. So let’s see…given what we know or can reasonably extrapolate about the Kree, you could kind of make this work as a soldier’s religion/method of social control. As I think somebody said somewhere around here, you’ve got all that mad Kreetech, short of the cosmic critters kind of the ultimate Marvel machinery — and yet you’ve got this dumbass culture that really only uses it for shooting stuff. Big disconnection there. So the militaristic thing is important: the Supreme Intelligence needs to give the grunts something to keep them down, focussed on standing watches instead of stealing the Psyche-Magnetron or the Ultimate Weapon (interesting…the Kree never made a Cosmic Cube). “Zen fascism” might just about do it — after all Zen prescribes breaking through the subject/object dichotomy into the world of the “artless art”, the state of mu shin or “no-mind”…and fascism’s all about the no-mind too, anti-intellectual. Action without thought, but with a glorification of ultra-violence thrown in: for a soldier that’s “I think we should kill it with our bare hands, sir.” So, false illumination. Kind of works. Maybe they even have a kind of (rumoured) anti-Cosmic Awareness, something the practitioners talk about, some treasured state of mind available at the zenith (or, I guess nadir) of meditation-by-beating-people-up — which Mar-Vell discovered is really worth nothing compared to the real McCoy of true enlightenment. As I said, I haven’t read the thing, I’m just spitballing…but that might work, mightn’t it?

    I hear it’s plenty cool. It’s cool, right?

    I do balk a little at the combination of these two words, I’ll admit — Grant may be out a bit further than I am on whatever curve this is. But then I haven’t read the book! So what do I know: “Zen fascism” could easily be a bit of play, a friendly jab at Warren Ellis’ patented technobabble for example. Because these guys both follow a similar strategy with their fry-your-wires portmanteaux — it could be (as I’m fond of saying) meta as anything, it could be horsing around. On the other hand, knowing Morrison, there’s probably a five-hundred page explication of it in one of his damned black notebooks…

    As I said, just spinning.

    I thought of Silverclaw too, Jonathan, and Atlas as well. Don’t know why everyone seems to dislike the Newbie Avengers that Busiek specially made up for the title, so I almost went for Silverclaw right away as the ingenue, but then Atlas is a really great reformed-baddie Avenger…in the end, Songbird filled both these types out pretty well, plus there’s the Avengers Forever stuff. But yeah, there’s no shortage of characters. Hmm, I keep thinking about Clone’s deranged girl-heavy Avengers, the more I think about it the more I want to see it…

    Yes, on the Scarlet Witch: for Christ’s sake let’s reset her to a pre-Chthon state! Never bought all that Chthon stuff anyway, too damn arbitrary, so it’d be great to have two wrongs make a right, there. As I’ve said, though, I think the brain-trust is bound and determined to pre-emptively blow away any reconciling mechanisms for anything stupid they’ve done. Look what lengths they went to with the Sentry, running through a dozen different tried-and-true comic-book bullshit-rationalization strategies just to say nope, nope, nope, can’t use that, nope, nope…I can’t help it, I just don’t think they know what they’re doing anymore. Whatever that Cosmic Reset button is (and there will have to be one, one day), it’ll have to be very contrived…and the same with Wanda? The Chthon thing is the biggest out left lying around, I think, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had her come back for just five minutes, not to explain anything (heavens, no!) but just to close the loophole. It’s some kind of weird bloody-mindedness at work, I swear.

    Yeah, and I don’t think Jan’s character development over the years plays a very big part in their roadmap, either. Although why her being good for things would be a problem…

    You know what it is? These guys just don’t know how to move forward, only sideways.

    On Monica Rambeau, I guess I could like her better, but it always seemed to me as though there wasn’t much of a desire to flesh her out. She was Avengers Chairman for a while, right? When I think of that Annual, I like her a lot better than I’m ordinarily inclined to, must try to think why that is…

    Okay, now it’s time for bed. Oy.

  18. Really you have to read Marvel Boy before trying to parse “zen fascism.” In the book, this portmanteau is coined by an Earth human observer trying to describe the seeming contradictions in a never before encountered but ridiculously effective alien ethos, so the term is meant to be a little oxymoronic. Also, these aren’t the same Kree as exist in regular Marvel Universe continuity, but something new and heretofore unguessed-at.

    (In fact, there’s clear evidence in the comic that it isn’t set on Earth 616 at all — apparently, a reference in the first issue to Professor Reed Richards discovering the “Positive Zone” was too subtle for subsequent writers, who plopped Marvel Boy into mainstream Marvel continuity the way they always do.)

    But the most important reason to track down and read MB is that you’d really enjoy it.

  19. I’ve been away in hyperspace, Plok, i.e. I finally got the hang of Clifford Algebra, which is what vector algebra should have been all along. Was under time pressure, and that makes it hard for me to write expansively, as the radio challenge needed. As far as anyone can, I’ve been immersed in an n-dimensional geometry with more angles to it (and indeed a better definition of angle) than most people ever hear about. Gave a talk on it to some computer games students at my old uni. I’ll put up some slides, when I’ve mastered the networking on my new machine. I’m well content.

    The pathos of Quimby is, to them Wanda is the reset button, conveniently at hand. That’s why in House of M, she was neither in character nor out, and there was no point to asking how she felt or what she meant to do, because she was being operated as a mere plot device. Phooey.

    You gotta read Marvel Boy and I’m not gonna spoil a word.

  20. Ah, the Positive Zone…now that sounds Grant-y. Well, that was a fun exercise, even if way off-base…anyway MB’s now on the list!

    And oh my God, Jonathan, I never thought of that, but it’s true, isn’t it?

  21. Colan stated in an interview that he never liked drawing the Hulk because the character was too ugly! Instead, let’s see Colan on Moon Knight, written by Brubaker. Let’s give Hulk to Brian Stelfreeze- I remember a Marvel Comics Presents Hulk & Selene story that I LOVED drawn by Stelfreeze- and Brian Azzarello. Warren Ellis can write Inhumans- he does a good job developing worlds for his characters to inhabit, so let him loose in Atillan- and Bill Sienkiewicz can draw it. I wouldn’t mind seeing Chris Sprouse draw Fantastic Four, written by Grant Morrison.

    You want an Avengers line-up? I’ll have Black Panther lead a team consisting of Justice & Firestar (a couple I like more than Jan & Hank), Aaron Stack (Nextwave version), Beta Ray Bill (Thor’s busy), Jenifer Kale (yes, Jenifer Kale; they need a magic user and she’s more usable than Wanda. Man-Thing shows up occasionally, too), and War Machine (Iron Man’s busy, and I know T’Challa doesn’t get along with Tony Stark anyway).

  22. Alan Moore and Brian Bolland on the X-Men. I also like the idea of Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell on Doctor Strange. Mike Baron and Steve Rude on the Legion of Super Heroes.

    I’d like to see any super hero comic book drawn by Heironymous Bosch, especially some super-massive, mega mash up with as many characters as possible.

  23. Oh Lord, Eddie Campbell on Dr. Strange. And Jennifer Kale as an Avenger? Why the hell not? I’d love to see a Gene Colan Moon Knight too, that’s a great call.

  24. Ok. Who’s NOT on the Avengers, first.

    Captain America: Too big. Intelligently working with the walking, talking, symbol for America doesn’t leave much room for other characters to do anything but play off Cap. And “Man out of time” and “perfect leader guy” takes never did much for me.

    Iron Man: Maybe it’s my own personal class issues, but when you have a guy throwing millions and millions of dollars at your heroes it makes ’em less interesting, even less heroic. So unless Tony’s temporarily broke at the moment, he’s out.

    Thor: I REALLY don’t like him. I can’t even make it through those Essentials.

    Vision: I REALLY like him, but he’s been used so poorly for so long that I’d just as soon see him mothballed ’till somebody has a spectacular idea for a Vision story.

    Scarlet Witch: Like Jean Grey, she never seemed to have much of a unique personality. 99% of the time she could be replaced with Jean Grey and keep the same dialog and reactions. Don’t like her.

    Wonder Man: Never cared s’much for him, either.

    Sooooo… That leaves me with:

    Hawkeye: What was it Unca Cheeks said? You need a guy who lives and breathes the Avengers, and doesn’t have another job?

    The Wasp: 10,000% more personality than the Scarlet Witch. (With Hank, retired from the super-gig, acting as a foil for her. I’d like to see an honest and true portrayal of a divorced couple who’s jobs keep throwing them together.)

    Make the two of ’em co-leaders, and see sparks fly.

    The Falcon: HUGE Personal favorite, and his past Avengers portrayals always bothered me. I see him as being, very subtly, the smartest dude in the room, who’s very aware of the inate absurdity of the superhero gig. Also a very capable leader, who doesn’t really want the job. Plus Redwing’s a cool visual.

    The Hulk: Hanging out as much so the Avengers can keep an eye on him as a valued team-mate. Plus the whole “Most powerful member of the team can flip out an’ kill you” thang provides some nice dramatic tension.

    Daredevil: Marvel’s ultimate loner, much more-so than Spider-man. Unaccustomed to working with others, and completely unwilling to compromise his methods.

    So OF COURSE he should go on a team. I mean, duh.

    Tigra With Hawkeye constrained by the leader role, you need someone to say what everybody’s thinking but too polite to blurt out.

    Plus I can see her as a nice visual counterpoint to the Hulk and Daredevil.

    Stingray I just like the idea of the part time hero who feels completely over his head. Probably won’t last long.

    Clea: Having a magic user around provides some solid story potential, and I like her much more’n, say, the Scarlet Witch. I’d play around with the fact that she’s not really FROM here, and her ways are not exactly our ways. She can kind of take over the Vision’s perspective.

    Plus we’re playing around a lot with the idea of families, here. And
    there’s gotta be some tension to being Umar’s kid.

    And since I like legacy characters:

    And also: A new, 16-or-17 year old Iranian immigrant Miss America as a POV character, a dude goin’ by the name of Mysterio who’s like a super David Copperfield, but less lame, and maybe a Wakandan ambassador as the White Panther, who’s like a young, eager, but deeply sarcastic Black Panther.

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