And naturally, I have Alan Moore to thank for it. I just read four pages of Black Dossier, and ran to the computer, and sat here (where I’m still sitting) for two hours madly typing stuff out.

I think he and I may be connected through Ideaspace.

Anyway, for all you folks who weighed in on my Open Conspiracy, I’m happy to tell you that I’m almost finished writing the follow-up post for it…I would finish it right now, except a) I’m out of beer, and b) I have to get up and be functional for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Oh, and wouldn’t it be just great if I walked in there in a subhumanly hung over condition. “Oh my God, Nurse, get me forty million cc’s of…of…!” No, it’s fine, Doc: I just have a comic-book blog.

I can’t promise it tomorrow. Hell, I can’t even promise that it’ll be any good. But I can promise it won’t be too much longer a wait. You’ve all been very patient, thank you. So here’s hoping you get rewarded.

Oh and by the way…Happy New Year. You think this is the year we’ll finally get the jetpacks?

Because that would be cool, don’t you think?

Christmas reviews coming soon. By the way, I bought Lost Girls. Ya ta!


One response to “Progress…

  1. “Excuse me ladies have you ever had sex in a jetpack? Would you like to join me?” (and, as an afterthought)”We can’t do it doggy style though, because I’ll set my ass on fire.”

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