The Bishop’s Wife!

It’s on now!

To paraphrase Bully:  gosh!

How economical it is.  A joy.  The only movie that truly utilizes Cary Grant’s amazing superpower, that of always drawing the audience’s eye, wherever he goes.  A fascinating actor.  Why, he upstages David Niven!

It seems the CBC Late Night movie is following in the footsteps of AMC a bit too much, though — many stupid and pointless mid-scene commercial breaks.  Shame on you, CBC.  Wait for the scenes to end.  That’s how they used to do it in the old days.

That’s exactly why I’ll never ever watch a movie on AMC ever again — the channel is simply dead to me.  That’s it.  It’s over.  Well, it hardly began.

Ahhh, The Bishop’s Wife.  Right up there with A Charlie Brown Christmas.  It’s brilliant.

Think I’ll snap off the top of that champagne bottle with a saber.  Oh yes, Bloggers:  I know how to do that…

Hmm, no saber.

I’ll have to use a meat-cleaver instead!

Expect updates as they occur.


6 responses to “The Bishop’s Wife!

  1. There’s a part near the beginning of this where the director actually uses the ominously smirking face of Cary Grant to pull focus negatively…and that’s it, he doesn’t need to use anything else! Marvellous stuff.

    I’m not a religious guy, but this movie (like Meet John Doe!) hits me hard, right in the middle of my sociocultural Protestantism. Hollywood movies used to be very, very good at doing that, it’s really quite remarkable.

  2. Oh, that was an absolutely criminal cut, CBC! What the hell! God, have you no simple human feeling? I’m really sort of upset now!

    You know, I can’t decide if this movie is more like “Red Harvest” or more like “A Fairly Honourable Defeat”.

    I may have to write a big long sprawling piece of nonsense about it.

  3. I don’t really quantify things in this way usually, but Cary Grant has come to be my favorite actor of all time. “Bringing Up Baby” is perhaps my favorite comedy. I once attempted to channel the charisma of Grant for my own purposes, Cary Grant Portrait by Adam Star, one of the very few celebrity portraits I’ve done. AMC just sucks, you’re right about how irritating those commercial interruptions are, and their definition of “Classics” seems to be pretty loose. Sister channel TCM is far more satisfying.

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