Note To Adam Star

The book is called “The God Who May Be,” and it’s by Richard Kearney. It’s quite dense; however a good non-dense introduction to it may be found in an episode of the CBC-Radio programme called “Ideas” of the same name as the book, possibly podcastable but definitely mailorderable.

I can only recommend it as having been a very interesting stop-point for me. It may not deliver you the same benefit. But I hope it might. P.S.: learn French.

2 responses to “Note To Adam Star

  1. Thanks so very much. I’m well fascinated and will certainly check “The God Who Might Be” out. I had not heard the term “hermeneutics” before so that alone is a tremendous Christmas gift. Growing up so close to Quebec I did pick up a little French and studied it long ago in school of course, though I was never that strong at it, I have a little bit at my disposal. Thanks again.


  2. There’s a lot of Derrida in the endnotes — strangely, I find him much easier to follow in French, but maybe that’s because my French isn’t very good.

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