An Open Letter To RAB

RAB, I have a silly, yet inexpensive prize to give to you, from way back in the “TV Time-Travel” days. Are you in seclusion? Are you writing? I don’t mean to interrupt you, but…

Sean Witzke’s getting his, so you ought to get yours.

Also you may notice I put up the second of my Sentry fan-fic posts. I hope it will meet with your approval, but if it doesn’t, I welcome your criticism. Anyway this is the last major post before my post entitled: “Well-Trodden Ground: Our Fan-Fic, Our Selves”, which will hopefully tie up a lot of things I’ve been blabbering on about for the last two months or so…you see I had originally planned this last, most self-indulgently extreme piece of vanity-project goop to be the epilogue to my argument…

But then I found I couldn’t wait.

So don’t YOU wait: send me your mailing address right away.

Because, let’s face it, who knows how long I’ll have money for? And I sure don’t want the damn thing in MY house…!

But if you’re writing, take your time. By the way I found some help with those files, those files, THOSE FILES…oh my Lord, sounds like soap-opera dialogue, there. “YOU BETTER FIND THOSE FILES…!”

And to all a Phil Hartman good night, Internet. This is our second Christmas together. I think it might be time to take our relationship to the next level, don’t you?

Merry All That. My New Year’s resolution is to read some early rock ’em sock ’em Superman comics. My New Year’s resolution is to — INCREDIBLY! — outrace a bullet…!

I hope you manage the same, this year.


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