Quick Internet Question

So, take something like this.

Funny, isn’t it?

Or this.  Or this.  Or this.

What’s the deal with these things?  I mean, I’m just picking the closest ones, if I wanted to search back in my links-list there’s stuff like, I don’t know, like a website called Leave Britney Alone, and it’s got financial reports from some elementary school in Nebraska, it’s got a picture of a car on it with the word “sweeeeet!”, and it’s got me nattering on about G.K. Chesterton on it.

So what are these?  Anybody know?


11 responses to “Quick Internet Question

  1. I think they’re called spamblogs. Their only purpose is advertising those links; they attract attention by snarfing up blogcontent that contains keywords which we’ve already gone to the trouble of arranging in sentences. I’ve found some of my stuff ganked that way too but I’m not sure it’s worth doing anything about.

  2. It’s a way of manipulating search engine results. Someone puts in a search for your content, which results in the drug company or whatever showing up at the top of the google page. The people who advertise for the companies get paid by the click, so it is to their benefit for browsers who aren’t looking for the products at all to stumble accidentally onto the links, which are also given misleading names and redirect automatically to the site being advertised (which answers the obvious question “why would you advertise something to someone who’s not looking for it?”).

  3. Ah! Now I knew it had to be something like that. How wonderful: absolute chaotic nonsense as a generator of advertising dollars.

    It’s from these things that SkyNet’s going to evolve, you know.

  4. Actually the point of the automated blog site (at least in this scenario) is to develop links via. trackback posting. For every snippet of an rss feed the blog scripts post it goes out and sends a trackback request for that same post.

    After a month or so before google bans the site you take down the site. Put a blank page up.

    Then after a month or so you 301 redirect all the link power that was harvested by the trackbacks and send them to whatever site you need links at for SEO purposes.


  5. Wow. Now that I did not expect.

    Thanks for clearing that up, Herpes! Uhh…wait, that sounds…

    Suspiciously like a line from the Sarah Silverman Show, I guess. Anyway, I now officially find this topic fascinating, so seriously, thanks for chiming in.


    Weird wild stuff, eh?

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