Minor Torchwood Problem

The show’s opening features the main characters doing a Slo-Mo Badass Strut.

I have a deep philosophical objection to the Slo-Mo Badass Strut.  To wit:  it makes me want to punch people in the face.  I don’t even think it can be done subversively anymore (although if anyone’s capable, it’s probably Joss Whedon…who is, sadly, not involved in the Torchwood program), because the fact is that the abyss gazes also, and not all irony is Grade A.  Not all irony is steak, in other words;  some is sausage.

And some is catfood.

That’s pretty much how I feel about the Slo-Mo Badass Strut.


3 responses to “Minor Torchwood Problem

  1. What I do like about the Torchwood opening, though, is that it’s short. (Yup, you stumbled on one of the two TV shows I watch. Three guesses what the other is!) Barely seems like an opening, really.


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