Blogger Strikes Again!

How handy;  today I’ve noticed that if I don’t use my Blogger/Google password, I can’t sign into a Blogger user’s comments as “Other”, but only as “Nickname”…which means, the sign-in screen doesn’t ask me for my website, so my name doesn’t link back to my blog.

Which is functionally the exact same thing as signing in as “Anonymous”.


That’s a bit too bad.  Not that it makes a big difference for me (oh, except for the egoistic thought that now someone fascinated by MY BRILLIANT COMMENT! won’t be able to find where I live to imbibe more of my glorious wisdom), but occasionally I have been known to want to trace back someone’s comment that I read somewhere, to their own blog.  And now it appears those days are over.

So that’s a little inconvenient.

“We’ve decreased our product’s versatility, in our continuing quest to serve you better”, is what it amounts to I suppose.  I don’t know why I’m even surprised anymore.


2 responses to “Blogger Strikes Again!

  1. Google’s “Blogger in Draft” introduces open id for comments, yet they have taken away the “other feature” from Blogger comments. This was a bad move for Blogger.

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