Turns Out You Totally CAN Go Home Again!

Thankyou, Kevin.


2 responses to “Turns Out You Totally CAN Go Home Again!

  1. Borges described it:

    If all places in the universe are in the Aleph, then all stars, all lamps, all sources of light are in it, too.

    Nowadays we call it YouTube.

  2. Beautiful, RAB. But stop being so smart, consarn it.

    I watched the Super-Skrull and the Mole Man, too — the Mole Man looks slightly shabbier, but oh my God does it have the weird old Penrose-tile magic of childsight to it. And the most astonishing directness: here, Sue, let me help you out with my stretching powers! Thanks, Reed! Hey, maybe that guy over there sunk our amphibious U-Car, let’s get him! Good Lord. The sequence where the FF crosses the reef is straight out of dreamland, dizzy stuff I could meditate on for hours. And my favourite:

    “I survived, thanks to you two!”

    Which I naturally misheard as:

    “I survived, thanks to YouTube!”

    Amazing, aphasic, trippy stuff. I feel like I’ve just watched Forbidden Zone. I feel like I’m on the Mushroom Planet. My head’s unscrewing.

    And there it goes…!

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