The Conservative Party Of Canada Can Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass

Full disclosure: I don’t like them anyway. I don’t like them, and I don’t trust them. I think they’ve got untenable policies, and suspect leadership. They make me yearn for the Chretien years — hell, they make me yearn for the Mulroney years. Given half a chance, I believe they’d flush this country about halfway down the toilet with it.

But, that’s not what this is about. That’s just politics. No big deal. We vote, and then we see what happens.

No, what this is about is something different. Something far more important than mere politics. This is about civility.

Because, you see, even as the Conservative Party of Canada taunts their opposition, daring them to return a vote of non-confidence…gleefully playing ideological chicken with the legislative session…

Even as they do this…

They’re — guess what? — running American-style attack ads on TV.

Yes. They’re running American-style attack ads. They’re running American-style attack ads between elections.

And that takes the goddamn cake. I’ve never seen a government with such open contempt for the electorate as this one. I’ve never seen such appalling partisanship come and shit on my rug without a shred of excuse for it. This is just a disgrace, pure and simple. This just isn’t the way we do things. The win-at-all-costs mentality typical of parties of the right is one thing, but when you start treating the voters as a pack of fucking idiots, assuming that you can just whip them up into a frenzy any old time you please, for nothing…for no reason…

Well, watch out, Conservative Party of Canada (I won’t even dignify you by calling you Tories, anymore); brother, let me tell you, you better watch out. Because you’re about to motivate me. You’re getting disgusting, and I don’t think I want you dirtying up my house any longer. You’ve actually pissed me off personally this time. And so you know what? You can kiss…

My shiny.




4 responses to “The Conservative Party Of Canada Can Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass

  1. “I’ve never seen a government with such open contempt for the electorate as this one.”

    … outside the United States, you mean.

    I don’t think anyone down here would claim we have the market cornered when it comes to condescending jackass politicians who don’t even pretend to hide their demeaning attitudes towards their electorate, but if the U.S. is known for nothing else, we will be remembered for perfecting that to the high art form it’s become. Lord of the Flies without the metaphors.

  2. Yeah, now you know how it feels.

    At least you can still sneer at us over our corporate-controlled health care system…for now, anyway.

  3. Oh, if that Damien kid we’ve got running the place has his way, for sure! I’m predicting a quick out for him and his bunch, though: they outdo real Tories (Liberals, too!) for arrogance, and Canadians don’t like arrogance. They like elitism, but not arrogance: subtle difference, there.

    Like, I think you’d be surprised just how pissed pre-election campaigning makes us. And much as I love the ridiculous pugnacity of American campaigning (best at municipal and State level, I think), though everyone up here says “no one likes attack ads, but the truth is they work”, the truth is that they frequently backfire like you wouldn’t believe. Maybe that’s because our public figures are so singularly unattractive? I dunno…I wouldn’t discount the possibility…

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