Neilalien has seen fit to agree with my humble supposition.  Ooo-wah!  I’ve arrived.

And not all by myself, either:  another Doc fan at SanctumSanctorumComix (I should say, obviously and easily a bigger Doc fan than me, though I do love Doc) does some pretty heavy lifting on just this subject…and though I’ve gotta admit a lot of what he says strikes me as a little quixotic, if an explanation’s needed for the Cloak appearing in astral form, this is probably the best we’re going to get.  The idea that Doc invests the Cloak with something like consistent behaviour himself is certainly a great saver of phenomena — I’d even venture an elaboration on this, just to account for Gene Colan’s tendency to include an (awesome-looking!) astral Cloak:  considering all the internal crises Doc goes through in Colan’s run, possibly then he could be creating an astral illusion of the Cloak to help bolster his own self-image and confidence throughout?  And failing, much of the time…

Well, it’s just a suggestion, and I only make it because Gene draws some damn fine moody Doctor Strange comics…personally I think most of the time you just have to call a mistake a mistake.

But…the Cloak as Doc’s “Wilson”?  Pure genius, S-S-C…I do believe you save the day.  For Doc to in effect use the Cloak as something like an occasional mirror, or something like an occasional repository — something like an occasional shelter, if you will — for some of his own unvoiced feeling, I think heads the ugly idea of a sentient Cloak, or a “technological” Cloak, off at the pass.  And possibly makes a neat twisty sub-explanation for Colan’s rendition?  But only Colan’s rendition, mind…because it just looked so unbelievably great

So:  what a catch!  That’s terrific stuff.  And now let’s hope no one ever runs with it to someplace distastefully unimaginative, eh?  I admit it, in the comments to the last post you can almost see me wanting to run there…but no.  To quote Bill Clinton:  that would be wrong.  Yes, the “Wilson” Cloak as Dr. Strange’s weird, silent anima-analogue — always faithfully swooping in to rescue him from certain doom, when every other option is exhausted, and even the illusion of whose presence he’s impelled to call up when he feels  especially shaky! — that’s an idea that’s tempting to roll around a bit on the mind.  But, barring the advent of another Excellent Doc Scripter to match those of the past, it’d probably just make the Cloak lame, to think of it that way.  I mean, it would probably lame the poor thing;  it’d have to hobble around after that.  Sometimes we shouldn’t want to peek behind the curtain, I guess.

As it were.

But, I feel better about it all now, and that’s what counts!  Right?

This has been fun.  Let’s talk more about how effin’ cool Dr. Strange is!!!  And then at the end I’ll start aimlessly ranting about my love of Shade, The Changing Man.  You know, just because I always do.

Oh, ah…

Doorways…perhaps I’ve opened too many of them…


2 responses to “Huzzah!

  1. Quick question – do you love the Ditko Shade or the Diggle Vertigo version?

    I loved the Ditko comic (big surprise there, huh?) and was lukewarm toward the Vertigo guy. Seemed like an entirely different character.

  2. Because he was! Keeper, I know you know there’s only one Rac Shade…like me, you’re probably still waiting to find out what lies beyond the Meta-Zone, after all. WHAT LIES BEYOND IT, DAMN IT?!?

    In my opinion, the problem with the Vertigo resurrection of Shade was that no matter how Vertigo-ized it got, it could never match Ditko for sheer trippiness. Well, but only Ditko can be Ditko, and as far as mind-melting psychedelic dreamtime stuff goes, Shade’s in a class of one…Captain Atom meets Dr. Strange meets Spider-Man meets Mr. A, what? Truly awesome; I would’ve read it for a hundred years. The ultimate ethical comics hero, absolutely.

    No knock on Milligan. But without Ditko, there was no reviving Shade; they just made another character with that name. Which is fine. But I like Shade.

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