Blogs Go And Come

First Harvey, now Johnny…what’s this world coming to?

Oh, right…this isn’t the world. Still:

You are The Johnny Bacardi Show , urbane and tuned-in colour commentator on comic books, culture, and current events…let others handle the play-by-play, for you it’s all about the context and the background of meaning. Sure, well why else even start the conversation, right? Sometimes you’re funny and sometimes you’re serious, but your blog is always a labour of love, a mash note to the cultural events and icons and idioms that our society is so deeply infatuated with…but, who ever said a mash note couldn’t be discerning about the object of its affections, too? As George said: it takes a whole lot of precious time, to do it right. But it’s really not worth doing any other way.

This from my old “What Comics Blog Are You?” quiz — Yes, Johnny B. was one of the categories (Harvey, too).


Oh well, time to update the blogroll! I’m not too big on LiveJournal ordinarily, but I think I’ll make an exception in this case…


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