A Spirited Defence

Since I haven’t been able to comment on a Blog@Newsarama thread for ages now (dunno why), here’s what I would say, if I could.

I’ll leave it all to you, Kali. You make a beautiful case.

And what the hell is that Deodata Tigra stuff? That is great-looking, I want that…!


7 responses to “A Spirited Defence

  1. The Deodato art is from Marvel Icons: Tigra, a 4-issue mini-series that came out in the early 2000s, I think. I picked it up last year out of back issue bins, and I thought it was pretty good.

  2. Is that the one where she becomes a cop, and seems to semi-retire from the super-life at the end? I seem to remember rack-reading a series from around the time you mention that I’m pretty sure had a plot along those lines.

  3. Ed: Yeah, that sounds about right. Trying not to give away too much about the premise here, but. . .

    She joins the force to try and find out the truth about her husband’s death (he was a cop, and this was apparently even before she became The Cat, let alone Tigra), and things go from there.

  4. These halcyon early 2000s days, whatever happened to them for God’s sake? How did we end up back in the Nineties?

    What I see of this Tigra thing on Kali’s LJ looks pretty damn good to me. Oh, Second Marvel Anarchy Period, why were you stillborn?

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