An Open Letter To Erin Palette

The word is “Other”.

I loves ya, Erin, but as God is my witness, I’m never entering my “Google Password” into anything, ever again.

Yes, I’m Canadian.  Yes, you managed to piss me off royally.  But I’d still be leaving the odd comment on your blog if you hadn’t locked it down like Alcatraz on Christmas some months ago, and kept it locked.


That’s me, I’m afraid.  Like it or lump it.

Okay so glad we talked!


2 responses to “An Open Letter To Erin Palette

  1. Why, what happened to make you swear off using a Google password?

    Anyway, just for you, I’m re-enabling non-blogger-account comments. But if I am inundated with insults and threats by people hiding behind anonymity, it’s getting locked again.

    Thirdly, I have no problem with you, or with your beliefs/opinions.

    But you COULD have just emailed me, you know. ;)

  2. Bah! Just lost my witty reply through clumsy typing fingers!

    1. I cannot fully put myself back into the Google-frustration memory without chewing a mouthful of pencil leads. That’s my trigger, you see.

    2. Silly of me not to think of just emailing you. Hah! I’m kind of dumb.

    3. Threats? That doesn’t sound very good…

    4. Pursuant to your comment, I have ordered my beliefs and opinions to stand down.

    5. Insert emoticon here.

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