Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, I’m a couple days early, but there’s no denying the signs are all here: the ocean and the sky are slowly turning Wagnerian, the chestnuts are dropping like green spiky hail, and the ferns have all gone rusty out in the rain. Fall in Lotus Land; time for turkey, and turnips. Time to pillage the woodpile. Time…

Maybe, possibly, time for just one more ceremonial dip in the salt chuck.

But that’s about it.

Have a nice weekend, folks! And enjoy the turning of the year.


10 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Have you had a chance to read this week’s Howard the Duck and the (FINALLY released) Lethem/Dalrymple Omega the Unknown? Two Gerber creations under new writers dropping in one week, I’d love to hear your thoughts on either.

  2. I don’t think I can bring myself to read ’em, Penguin! At least, not deliberately: I’m really only a Howard fan to the extent that I’m a Gerber fan, you see, so for me every word that comes out of Howard’s beak, that Steve didn’t put there, is kind of a travesty. It’s sort of like this: once upon a time I found this tape of Paul Revere and the Raiders’ Greatest Hits in a bargain bin at the record store, and thought “Woo! Ninety-nine cents! Score!

    But when I got it home, it didn’t sound right. So I finally looked at the tape spine, where in tiny print under the words “Greatest Hits”, it read:

    Recorded Live In Concert, 1974

    And I thought, oh my God, I’m a sucker. That’s ninety-nine cents I’ll never get back.

    And you know I still miss it?

    Basically, that’s what non-Steve HTD is, to me: a bunch of guys who probably weren’t even in the band, doing stoned out-takes of Paul Revere songs in a fairground full of puke and pretzels, through a shitty P.A., ten years after the fact.

    Well, okay…that may be a bit harsh.

    But, what about Steve? Doing Howard without him, that’s just a little bit abominable, isn’t it? And not too nice for me, either…

    It’s not as bad as doing Omega, though. Because if Howard is Steve, and Steve is Howard, then only the two of them and Mary Skrenes ever had the slightest clue what the hell was even going on in Omega. Where was Omega from? Who was James-Michael Starling? How were they connected? Etc., etc. You know, once upon a time, Dean Motter (at least I think it was Dean Motter) did an authorized (at least I think it was authorized) GN sequel to The Prisoner. Yes, you read that right, now let it sink in: a sequel to The Prisoner. I remember the writing being quite competent, and extremely cautious. Ha ha. But now, imagine Dean being given that same job…except this time, when The Prisoner first aired somehow its soundtrack had gotten peeled off, so no one had ever heard what any of the actors were saying…and also, the cameras all ran out of film in the middle of the last episode.

    That’s Omega.

    And there’s no way I’m paying ninety-nine cents for that! Come on! What’s next, Lethem wants to finish Void Indigo? I simply can’t understand anybody’s thought process there, it’s totally baffling. I think it’s very raw and disrespectful treatment of Steve (but then what else is new?), but over and above that…

    I waited thirty years to have a FAN explain to me what was going on in Omega?!

    No I did not.

    Forgive my ranting, Penguin; too many comments threads in my past that I restrained myself from adding to…oh jeez, it’s all coming out, now…

  3. I know exactly what you mean about Howard. Without Gerber, Howard is basically Duckman. Duckman was fine, but he’s no Howard.

    I’m actually just starting to read the original Omega run, so I’m not going to touch the Lethem book until I’m done with that. From all I’ve heard, Lethem’s got a tall order to fill; they could have at least stuck a “What If?” onto the title, it might have alleviated the expectations. Still, even if I was staunchly opposed to the Lethem Omega, that Dalrymple art would eventually pull me in. Love that guy’s work.

  4. I could have imagined reading the Lethem Omega in the same spirit I ultimately read the Motter & Askwith Prisoner — a sense that while this would never be the “real thing” to me, it might still be interesting on a purely technical level to see how another writer approaches this seemingly impossible task — except for the cold hard fact that Gerber asked Lethem to please not do this book, and Lethem refused. I’ve said this a hundred times before, but how can Lethem proclaim his love for the original work and have such disdain for the human being and fellow writer who created it?

    This isn’t the only time I’ve wrestled with that basic question. John Byrne did a great many things with Jack Kirby’s creations against Kirby’s wishes…but more than that, Byrne did particular things that Jack found personally offensive and disgusting, and Byrne knew Kirby was offended but went on doing them. How can anyone claim to be a fan or admirer or even acolyte of another while showing the actual person such naked contempt? Do these people have some empty spot where decent folks keep a conscience?

    Crap, I’ve just compared Lethem to Byrne. That’s extreme even for me.

  5. Loved your defense of Gerber and Omega over at Comics Should Be Good.

    I can’t get over the hostility many posters at that site have for Gerber’s position. Haven’t they ever been screwed over by a boss?

    Such fans aren’t zombies; they’re more like Marvel Nazis.

  6. Grr…I’ve been up all night typing on that damn CSBG thread when I shoulda been working…

    Hah! Marvel Nazis.

    Hah! Comparing Lethem to Byrne. Somebody’s gonna get a nasty public denunciation from Our Lady Of The Toaster-Marriages…burn, witch, burn…!

    I read the Motter Prisoner and enjoyed it quite a bit…but if McGoohan had denounced it, I wouldn’t’ve touched it. RAB, like you I can’t figure out Lethem’s impulse in wanting to “re-do” Omega…just plain doesn’t compute, as an Omega fan. I mean the problem seems so obvious to me: how do you even attempt it?

    Gah. Hulk doesn’t understand any of this.

    By the way, what did Byrne do, that pissed Kirby off? Somehow I don’t know this.

    Ai ya…sleep…double work time tomorrow, with less spending money…

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