Verily! Where Is My Sleep Noodle!

One more thing, O Voters…

Recall you, that Odin hath to spend half as many votes as all ye put together! And so it be only natural that his children wish to sway his tender feelings in this way, or that way…BUT BEWARE! Having partaken of yon mushrooms provided by faithful Loki, mine own hands suddenly appear most huge to me, and the lines therein speak volumes. And lo, I cravest a little Vitamin C. And a raw potato. No, I just want to look at it.


I pronounceth it most heavy.

So talk up your favourites, try to convince me to throw, lo! my heavy weight in their favour…oh, gotta sit down…and we’ll talk, like, later…




Ed, you get a vote and that’ll make twelve, but it oughtta be thirteen, you telecommunications Judas. Actually your vote is two to every one of theirs.



Sean Kleefeld.

Sean Witzke.


Erin Palette

Thou art the qualified voters, and LO!

(Bugger, my throat)

…LO! Damnit. Let’s get this freakin’ show on the road, by Hela.


5 responses to “Verily! Where Is My Sleep Noodle!

  1. I mentioned this in another post, but I’ve reworked The Sisters Weirde here and would like to submit it for nomination.

    I have to vote for my favorites? I feel very strange and slightly icky doing that. I mean, it’s pretty much taken as a given that I like my own, so I suppose I should vote for myself, but that seems egotistical… and picking some people means not picking others, and I know that I hate it when people don’t like my stuff….

    So, um….I dunno.

  2. Palette, I left my own entries off of my ballot, but I defend your right to vote for yourself. But that still leaves you with choosing three others; they’re described in the earlier thread. If nothing else, your comments on any or all of them would be appreciated.

    Now I’m off to see how you’ve reworked The Sisters Wierde…

  3. 1) Rip Hunter: Time Master!, by Shane Bailey
    2) Threshold, by Matthew E.
    3) Tontine, by Matthew E.
    4) Tourists, by RAB

    Man, I’d love to see any of these shows that were submitted. Everyone did a great job!

    As for mine, I think I might write up some fake episode titles and synopsis for fun.

    “Damn Dirty Humans” would be one. “Command D” would be another. So much fun.

    I really liked Matthew E.’s two ideas. They both open the door to a lot of possibilities and the characters and set-up in Tourists is tailor made for episodic TV like Heroes, Lost, etc.

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