Stupid Blog@N!  I read an irresistibly-titled article called “Millar:  Rise Of The Namedropper!”, and right in the middle of Millar’s STUPID GODDAMN hype-cycle wheelie/thumbs-up moment, he gives away something that happens in the goddamn fucking movie that I didn’t know!


Blog@N, I’m replying to you here because for some reason you trash all my comments now, but…COME!  ON!  Christ!  That’s a major plot point, curse you!  A little spoiler warning would be appreciated, especially if only so I don’t have to find it out from goddamn MARK!

I’m really disappointed now.

Screw it, I’m going to bed.

[mopes;  listlessly consumes cheezies;  slinks off grumbling]


7 responses to “Maaaaaaaaan…!

  1. Correction: apparently Blog@N is accepting comments from me again.

    Still…that’s extremely aggravating, that whole giveaway thing. I’m pissed.

  2. So, I went to look (thanks for the no link, by the way, especially now that it’s off the first page), and geez, I thought it was for something *major*, like how Galactus looked…
    You and your spoiler-sensitive ways and silly-pilly temper…

  3. Also…spoiler-sensitivity, for me that’s about plot stuff only. How Galactus looks, pfff…he’ll look good or he’ll look bad, that’s all…

    Now get in touch, blast you!

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