Globe Of Blogs

It’s always turning:  old blogs drop off, change frequency, new blogs become middle-aged…upstarts arise…and none of us know how long we’ll last, either as dedicated posters or dedicated readers.  After all, this stuff is pretty new!

When I started up my blog, it was around the time when a big pile of established bloggers were changing their habits and falling to the wayside, and there was, I recall, much gnashing of teeth about The End.  However, this all went over my head anyway, because I was new…and I think I came into this at the right time, because suddenly what I saw out there started to shift in tone to something that really caught my interest.  There’s about a handful of bloggers I think of as being of “my generation”, or at least “my iteration” — folks who seem to share my point of view a little, or at least whose concerns match up decently with my concerns, and whose thoughts tend to halt my scanning and make me settle down to read.

But every once in a while I ask myself:  how long can this go on?

Well, a little longer anyway, it seems:  my iteration’s obviously not quite stopped iterating yet, because Thomas has finally gotten himself a blog!  Hooray!

Do check it out.

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