The Great Sleep Change

It comes twice a year for me, and there’s no fighting it. Once in December, when my sleep schedule gets flipped around to nights, and once sometime in early spring if I’m lucky, later if I’m not, when I arrive back on days.

Ultimately, it’s all the fault of a stupid drunken bet I made when I was seventeen, that I could stay up for more hours in a row than a friend of mine could. Made it through four days, then fell asleep in the middle of the dancefloor at a party, woke up twenty hours later to find someone had shoved me under a desk. Ridiculous. Never been the same since.


Just switched over to summer hours in the last two days, currently waking up at 5:30 a.m. Completely involuntary. Weird, huh? May is kind of late, even for me, but…wow. Daylight’s underrated, let me tell you.

So, no post for you! That X3/V/Byrne/Star Wars thing is growing longer by the minute, and my eyelids are growing heavier…just trying to make it to midnight, really…

And watching Heroes didn’t exactly help matters…!

Holy Christ, you talk about your procedural bullshit, what in the world is with those voiceovers, it’s not even like watching Eyes Wide Shut, it’s like listening to Eyes Wide Shut! Mother of mercy. And then you’ve got bloody Little Nicky wringing his hands about blowing up for about an eternity or two, and that damn Miracle Hunter guy just staring staring STARING at different people in every scene…ack. I think Tina Fey summed this show up about as succinctly as possible when she muttered “I like the Japanese dude…”

Lessee…is there anything else?

Nope, guess not.

So, more tomorrow.

Goodnight, Cleveland!


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