Superhero Structure Stuff: Sorted

Well enough, anyway:  I just added another strategic entry point on the Not Comics page.  You know, occasionally it pisses me off that I can’t have everything I wrote on the old blog, here on the new blog…I mean, I’d like to think much of it is readable…

Then again, much of it isn’t so readable, so there you go.  Probably for the best.  In any case, browsers through my barely-articulated thoughts on the superhero genre can now get to every last nook and cranny of it if they try hard enough, and I flatter myself that if you put that stuff together with the SSoS stuff, and the long, long FF post, and the Not Comics material, a pretty good overall shape emerges out of my various witless meanderings.

Now, if I can just keep that going, I’ll be doing pretty good…


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