An Open Letter To My Old Pal Chris Claremont

Hi, Chris.  You don’t know me, although in my time I’ve read many of your comics and loved them.  And I have a suggestion for you.  Forgive my presumption.

You should script a graphic novel version of “The Curse Of Chalion” by Lois McMaster Bujold.  There’s no comic writer on this planet who could do that as well as you could;  maybe, there has never been a comic writer who could do that as well as you could.  Chris, I’ll be honest:  I’ve really hated a lot of (though not all of) your comics of recent years.  But that doesn’t mean I’m blind to your talent, and it doesn’t mean I don’t want you to keep moving onwards and upwards.  I own a copy of the first comic you ever scripted.  I own a copy of the last comic you ever scripted.  I’m extremely invested in your career, just like you were a favourite sports team of mine.  Which is why I say:

If you can swing it.  Adaptations of Lois McMaster Bujold books, particularly “The Curse Of Chalion”.  Painted pages.  Barnes and Noble.  The patented Claremont magic.  They say that happiness consists partly in “flow”:  absorption in a challenging task that is nonetheless well-suited to one’s talents.  Writing for comics is of course always a matter of dealing with challenges, and adapting work from another medium is the same way.  Not that I want you to take on improper stress after your recent bout of ill health, but…

Just so you know:  I’d buy two copies.  One to take home, and one to give to a friend.


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