The Humour Of Danny Hellman

Just so you know, over on the latest Fanta/Ellison thread at TCJ, Danny Hellman is being hilarious, and for some reason no one’s getting it.

DANNY: “Yes, Ellison, that bastard…still, watched “City On The Edge Of Forever” last night, and it must feel pretty good to have written something that’s touched so many people, and really changed their lives…”

FIRST COMMENTER: “Didn’t Ellison say he’d been screwed over on that one?”

DANNY: “Did he? Why, yes…now that I think of it, I believe you’re right. You know, he really is a bastard…still, he’ll always have towering achievements like “The Starlost” to look back on. Great, creative stuff…head and shoulders above the competition in its day…”

FIRST COMMENTER: “Uh…he didn’t like that one, either.”

SECOND COMMENTER: “Why are you sucking up to Ellison?!?

DANNY: “Sucking up? Are you addressing I? I’m just saying, whatever you may think of the current lawsuit, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due…I mean, I think Ellison’s a bastard, but I wouldn’t be so small as to deny that Outer Limits adaptation of “Shattered Like A Glass Goblin” was great, great stuff…I mean talent is talent, my friends…”

FIRST COMMENTER: “Uh…I’m not sure you…um, that is…”

SECOND COMMENTER: “For Christ’s sake why do you keep kissing his ass?!?”

On and on in that vein. Uh…I’ve paraphrased somewhat. But I hope he keeps on going, because it’s hysterical.

So, like the angel said to the baby, don’t tell what you know. Okay?

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