From Hell’s Heart, Blogger Spits Its Last Breath At Me


Over on my “Not Comics” page, if you look, you’ll find a single link to a post back on the old blog that deals with comics. “Superhero Structure Stuff: Start”, it’s called.

It’s no good anymore.

The idea was, if anyone wanted to start peeling the onion of my two-month long obsession with laying bare most of what I had to say about my abiding interest in the superhero genre, they could start with that post, which contains two links to other posts…those posts in their turn containing a link or two…and then after two or three clicks the reader would be right into the middle of the forest, because the “Incoming Links” section at the bottom of each post (a feature I deliberately turned on before I locked the Blogger door and threw away the keys) would start to fill up more and more with the evidence of the cross-postings I had made, and the whole network of my Superhero Structure Stuff would thus be laid bare before anyone who cared to look.

But for some reason, the Incoming Links thing has been turned off again, now.

So it doesn’t work anymore. Two clicks in, you hit a dead end.

Very frustrating.

So, I guess I’m gonna have to fix it…not just at the moment, though, because damned if I’ll just turn the Incoming Links thing back on so it can mysteriously turn itself off again. No. Clearly what I have to do is go through all those posts one by one instead, and either make more links, or supply links externally in a list located somewhere marginally visible around here…and that’ll take time and hassle, so I’m putting it off ’til I feel like I need an excuse not to do real housework.

But, Christ, thanks a lot, Blogger! Ya bastard.


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