Hey! Heliumpunk!

So it appears Erin Palette and I are cooking something up. Wow!

Unfortunately, this means I have to find something new to blog about today…

Hold on, just let me look in the tickle trunk…


7 responses to “Hey! Heliumpunk!

  1. Ah, but which polearms? Glaive? Guisarme? Voulge? Glaive-guisarme? Guisarme-voulge? Glaive-guisarme-voulge? Bardiche? Ranseur? Bec de corbin? Lucerne hammer? Lochaber axe? Halberd? Partisan? Bohemian ear-spoon? Fauchard? Fauchard-fork? Bill hook?

  2. I’ve sent you killer emails and you’ve yet to respond. This make me sad.

    *cue gothy sad face*

    Autogyros, for God’s sake! Autogyros!

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