Wee Linky Bits

Can’t let myself get too far behind on stuff like this…

New on my sidebar: Contempt Of Comics, breaking down the decline in the mainstream comics marketplace so succinctly that it makes my previous efforts in this direction look quite foolish…in related news, another new entry is everybody’s latest crush, Erin Palette from Lurking Rhythmically, who has the annoying personality flaw of being a better writer than I am, all breezy and casually skillful-like…fortunately she lives in Florida, so I can probably sue her for mental anguish…ah, Florida, land of the loonily litigious…friend of mine saw a bunch of Shriners start a riot there once…

Also, new on my TV: ReGenesis, a show set in a strangely-familiar near-future world that echoes the milieux of Greg Egan and Bruce Stirling…and a welcome opportunity for Canadian actors like Peter Outerbridge to create true multi-dimensional characters in the serial drama format. Congratulations, Peter, TV looks good on you! Also, as an added bonus, ReGenesis has had the good sense to include in its cast my home-town girl, the always luminous Sarah Strange — and it should of course go without saying that she brings the thing home, due to that being what she’s all about. In geek parlance, you might say that she writes the fucking comics

Which brings us, at the corner of comics and futurity, to yet another dandy essay by Peter B. Gillis…boy, I can’t believe you’re not reading him regularly yet, Internet! Why, next you’ll be telling me you didn’t know Dave Fiore has another post up on Motime

I think that’s about it, for now. Guess I’ll have to wait until later to get into my hatred of the Slo-Mo Bad-Ass Walk, or my hopes for the coming Power Revolution, or the bright side of reality TV — right now, there are showers to take and oranges to eat, and then later on I’m gonna watch the new Casino Royale movie. Sounds like a wonderful way to avoid working, don’t you think?


3 responses to “Wee Linky Bits

  1. Is it wrong that I feel more flattered by “annoying personality flaw” than by “all breezy and casually skillful-like” ?

    Next time I go speed-dating, I’m totally putting “Everybody’s latest crush” on my nametag, though. ;)

    In case it’s not obvious, I love the compliments. Thank you!

  2. But I have nothing to sue you for, Shane!

    And Erin: no, you’re exactly right. “Annoying personality flaw” is, in this context, more flattering. Blast you.

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