Okay, Now It’s Vietnam

For me, anyway. Because I finally recognize that thing I remember from when I was a kid, see. It happened just like this, a couple minutes ago: I was flicking channels, was suddenly caught by a documentary on Katrina. I missed Katrina, by the way: I was in a no-media zone pretty much the whole time. Didn’t see a thing. People would call me and describe it, I would go “whuh…?”

I’ve seen a bit of the footage since then, of course. Chilling, enraging stuff.

So there I am, a few minutes ago, watching this, and then I realize I have some work to do before I go to bed, and I switch away from the documentary because I know I’ll watch it if I leave it on. And there’s…

I mean, I feel like I should be making this up, it’s that incredible. It’s hard to credit, plain and simple.

…There’s Tom Delay on TV, making his case for how Saddam Hussein had the weapons of mass destruction, and even if he didn’t, he might’ve, but even if he mightn’t have, the war on terror still BLAH BLAH BLAH OH MY GOD.

Oh my God!

How can I be seeing this? Who in hell permits this sick bullshit to continue?

Seriously. FLICK. Katrina: black people stranded on rooftops waving American flags at helicopters, begging for water. Babies, grandmas, mothers and fathers, dropping like flies in the street. FLICK. Tom Delay fights his lonely rearguard action on what good sense Iraq made, and still makes.

I mean, even if you somehow still believe in the war in Iraq, you’ve gotta know that shit’s wrong. Don’t you?

This is what I remember from my youth, made only slightly more colourful in hindsight: you saw someone in a suit say something, and it sounded pretty good, but then two minutes later somebody came along and tossed a bucket of blood on it. And the stuff just stopped holding up. Pretty simple. Of course that was before “embedded reporting”…well, and I don’t think anybody can be too taken by surprise if I parse it like this: you didn’t want to show it to us, and we didn’t want to see it. So we had a little bit of a deal, there.

It’s different, now. Now, all the footage that was never supposed to be taken is coming out…all the footage that can’t be held up anymore is making it out…all the people who got discharged are talking to whoever wants to interview them, and speaking it out. The stuff is everywhere now. So, finally, at last, it does kinda look like Vietnam did. FLICK. Katrina. FLICK. Effin’ Tom Delay. Now that’s a two and two that’s real easy to put together. Hell, you don’t even have to put it together, it’s pre-assembled for your viewing pleasure. You’d almost have to work really, really hard to avoid it.

Not that I’m telling you anything you don’t already know, obviously. But, I just saw it, and…

Hey, wasn’t Tom Delay supposed to be in jail, or something?

I mean it’s just sooooooo there, isn’t it. It just makes you want to fucking weep.


6 responses to “Okay, Now It’s Vietnam

  1. See, now that’s weird, it held you up again, just like it did for the comments in the Message To The Planet post…like, whenever anyone mentions religion or war…

    Hold on…

    Ahhhhh. It doesn’t like links, that’s what it is. And for religion or war, everybody’s got a link.

    I’ve read Kung Fu Monkey, but thanks for reminding me! And I’m curious about your professor friend’s blog…

    After the napping, I think.

  2. Consider yourself lucky, pillock. At least you can sit back and say, “Thank the deities that I’m in Canada!” I continue to be shocked every day at just how fast the U.S. has swirled down the toilet these past few years. Not only do we have to tolerate this type of crap (it’s an oligarchy down here, not a democracy) but then Anna Nicole Smith takes precedence over that!?! In the name of anything that is holy, why do I even know her name? I should never, EVER have even heard of this woman — I should at least be hearing about how Bush is making excuses for unsurprisngly poor treatment of wounded soldiers or how the Attorney General really isn’t overstepping his bounds by making illegal wiretaps or how labelling someone an “enemy combatant” is a perfectly acceptable way to keep them from even getting a trial, much less a fair one…

    And that I think it’d be a STEP UP to hear that on the news is that much more depressing!!

    If I could convince The Wife to leave behind what’s left of her family, believe me, I would’ve emigrated to Canada a few years ago.

  3. It’s verrry depressing, especially when you consider how happily Americans avoid such issues to ponder Britney’s state of mind.

    Good thing we’ve got comic books to lighten up our lives a little!

    Oh, wait a minute …

  4. ooh. geez. yeah, um, about that whole “war” thing… sorry, rest of the world. we had a lot to drink that night because our friend came in from out of town, and then we were all reading all these CIA reports and stuff, and… man. we had no idea what happened after that. all we know is that we woke up and a bunch of stuff in the reports was crossed out and re-written in crayon, and, like… we were killing the shit out of people. and then these dicks were like, “dude, why are you killing the shit out of people?” and we totally blanked, and like, remembered something about dancing on the desk in the oval office with no pants on, pretending we were sadaam, and so we were like, “dude, we’re killing the shit out of people because of FREEDOM. and if you like FREEDOM, you like killing the shit out of people, you dick. comprende?” and we gave them these crazy eyes when we said that shit, and got all scary and stuff, and you better believe they backed the fuck off. and then we kept getting free stuff every time we yelled “FREEDOM!” at people, like braveheart and shit, so we just kept doing it and kept getting like free french fries and shit.

    so, yeah. our bad! lol!

  5. Man, Plok, I had that reaction this weekend, turning on the Sunday morning pundit shows and — there’s Tom DeLay! It was bizarre — he was like one of those Japanese soldiers stranded on an island in the pacific who doesn’t know World War 2 is over. His arguments, even his language, are so thoroughly artifacts of the past that I wondered for a second if we were watching a re-run.

    And I guess they couldn’t fit “disgraced” next to “fmr representative.” Oh well.

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