What Comics Blog Are You – Beta

I’ll probably never turn this into one of those full-on questionnairey things, but I just threw it together, so I’m interested to see if it’ll work. So, if anyone would like to be my beta tester…

1. Sign up by leaving a comment on this post.

2. Copy and paste the list of questions into email, fill ’em out, send ’em to me.

3. Await my response, probably sometime later today.

So, ready?

Here they are:

1. What’s wrong with this piece of dialogue?

“I may be the weakest Defender, and you may be the second-strongest Avenger, but the person who carries the Eye away is gonna be me!”

a) Nothing, if you’re Steve Englehart!

b) Kind of hits you repeatedly right in the face a bit, doesn’t it? Hmm…could be on purpose…

c) Arrrgggh, I’ve been Marveled! It burns! My power…overloading…reaching CRITICAL MASS…!

d) Well, if I’d just let her take the damn TV with her, I probably wouldn’t’ve ended up on Maury…

e) That isn’t really a sentence, it’s a drawing that’s masquerading as a sentence

f) One of these days I’m gonna catch that ol’ Stan Lee, and I’m gonna cook ‘im, and I’m gonna eat ‘im.


2. How often do you update your blogroll or post a linkdump?

a) Uh…that’s not really my thing, actually…I usually don’t do it unless it’s a useful citation inside a post.

b) I have a regular Links feature/blogroll update strategy which I’m actually rather proud of.

c) When I come across something I think is cool, I may link to it in a post.

d) Are you kidding? This is the 21st century, man, it’s all linkblogging one way or another!

e) I hate updating stuff like that, and try to avoid thinking about it.

f) Sure, I update my blogroll and I post links, but it’s not like my whole life. God!


3. Do I need a university degree to follow your blog?

a) Just stay close, keep up as best you can, and do what I do. You’ll be fine.

b) Well, hopefully I’ll have written in a clear enough style so that it’s all pretty accessible.

c) There’s absolutely no reason to think this is too specialized for the average person to handle.

d) Dude, are you feeling okay? You know it’s just a freaking comics blog, right?

e) No, I have the degree; you’re not supposed to. That’s part of the fun. It’s edu-whimsical!


4. How much stuff have you got on your blog?

a) I seriously have all kinds of stuff on my blog. Please to check it out.

b) I mix things up a little bit to keep it fun, do some different things in different posts on different days.

c) I mostly just type my thoughts. Sometimes I’ll do a review.

d) Hell, I’m like the goddamn Chuck Connors or something: all I need is my horse, my scanner, and my longboxes.


5. How often do you post?

a) Daily.

b) I shoot for weekly. Some weeks are a lot more weekly than others, though.

c) Whenever.


6. Does your online persona have a character gimmick or a “bit”?

a) Whaa-aat?

b) To my shame: yes.

c) Maybe just a little.


7. Do you have an unreasoning devotion to a favourite character or characters?

a) Yes!

b) Hey, I can explain…!

c) No.


8. Is it all about the superheroes for you?

a) Yes. It is all about the superheroes.

b) No, it’s all about the comics. But I don’t shun the superheroes.

c) I guess you could say it’s more around the superheroes than about them.

d) No, it isn’t all about the superheroes. Sometimes it isn’t even about the comics.


9. Do you have a theory?

a) Many! Would you like to try one? They come in an assortment of different flavours…

b) I have the odd one or two that I’m polishing up…thing is, I think they might be the same theory, really…and, I think that theory might even be true

c) It isn’t a theory, it’s an inspiration!!!

d) My theory is: comics are awesome. Oh wait, no, I forgot – that’s been PROVED already. So, no.


10. Is it better to have a lot of supervillains whose names end in “A”, or whose names end in “O”?

a) “O”, because it’s more old-school and kickass.

b) “O”, because it’s more honest about what it is.

c) “A”, because it has a more plausible ring to it.

d) “A”, because it sounds more modern.

e) What? I don’t care about this at all.

f) Seriously, just “A”s and “O”s? That’s pretty limiting, don’t you think?


11. Are you snarky?

a) I can be.

b) Snark is funny, or hadn’t you heard?

c) Infrequently, but when the occasion demands.

d) I avoid snark. Not deliberately, it’s just that the usual assholes seem to find my blog kind of boring…

e) I think people must just read their own stuff into what I say. I am not that snarky, damn it!

f) I am an innocent little stuffed bull, and have never heard of snark. But it sounds delicious!


12. Does it have to be funny?

a) Well, is there any reason for it not to be funny?

b) It should probably be at least a little funny, most of the time.

c) Funny is kind of what I do, and I’m too old to change now.

d) Well, maybe not laugh-out-loud funny…

e) It doesn’t have to be funny, no.

f) Honestly it is rarely what you’d call funny.

Well, that’s it! And now, we wait.

Maybe for nothing.

Pass the bottle…


20 responses to “What Comics Blog Are You – Beta

  1. Baby makes me m always late, but I’m sending an email to keep me sane at least! Of course, I blog about comics, but I’m not a comics blogger, so maybe I’m an outlier, but, like I said, it’ll keep me sanish.

  2. Apparently I’m ‘Polite Dissent’, which I cannot do other than take as a compliment. I guess I could sort of see how that could be true.

    But if you’re ‘The Absorbascon’, I’m a lug nut.

  3. The thing is, that The Absorbascon fits an awful lot of criteria for an awful lot of things — Scipio’s got it all, he’s got an unhealthy obsession with a character (with several characters!), he’s got a philosophical bent, he does humour, he scans, remixes, makes frickin’ custom Heroclix — in short he’s a very active blogger with catholic interests, and so far each of us has tallied a good couple of Absorbascon points in our count to…whatever we are.

    I think I could compensate for that, though.

    I must say, when you popped out as Polite Dissent, that was my first indication that this silly little quiz might actually give some half-decent answers. There were still a couple of surprises, though!

  4. Coincidentally enough, Dial B For Blog is the site that inspired me to open the Fortress in the first place.

    I like to think my voice is my own, but in my book Robby Reed set a standard that won’t be exceeded – especially in terms of Silver Age trivia and Photoshop wizardry.

    That was fun.

  5. Yeah, I’m glad you got Dial B, too…Robby’s the King! Your next closest were Bully and Sleestak, by the way. I was saying somewhere, what I like about these quizzes is that when I take ’em, I usually change “who” is answering them as I go through, so I end up with something half-descriptive, half-aspirational, and occasionally not quite what I expected.

  6. I am Filing Cabinet of the Damned. I’m flicking through the archive now and it sure seems an appealing blog to be, if one wrote mainly on comics.

    Re: description/aspiration, I try to answer quiz questions directly, but my personality type leaves me always wondering what’s behind every question and answer and ending up confused…

  7. Like I said, I was sure you were going to be Double Articulation. Sure of it! But then you slid past it by a single question.

    The good part of that is, now you get to read Filing Cabinet of the Damned!

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