Give Me A Short Enough Lever, And I Can Annoy The World


Anyone else around here noticed those new energy commercials?

You know, the ones that say “Canada’s nuclear power plants = GREAT!”, and “The existence of ethanol-blended fuels indicates we have nothing to worry about concerning Stephen Harper’s election promises re: energy and the environment”?

Yeah…I thought not.

Well, you’re not missing much.


2 responses to “Give Me A Short Enough Lever, And I Can Annoy The World

  1. “Paid for by those oil billionaires who are trying to green-wash the Tories.”

    They should lose power simply for the poor production value of their commercials alone. Yuck!

  2. Oh, good — I’m not crazy, then.

    My God, but it’s irresponsible, isn’t it? Just what we need from our governing elites: more lying. And more head-patting! “Don’t worry, Mummy and Daddy are taking care of it, go back to sleep.” It’s unconscionable. See, these guys are all in big, big trouble now, because they’re going to have to start playing with a cue that isn’t crooked, and of course they haven’t got the faintest clue how to do that. For not knowing what else to do, they’re practically falling back on reverse propaganda: “we will never agree to meet Kyoto, not because we doubt it’s a good idea, but because we don’t care if it is or not, because we’re basically a single-issue party.” Didn’t the Minister say something a lot like that in committee the other day? Yeesh. These new Conservatives of ours are up a creek, I’ll tellya: because they just can’t do environmental policy. They aren’t built for it. They don’t really understand it. But! Unfortunately for them, all Canada is getting a little antsy about their weather, which is obviously acting just a bit freaky if not actually spazzing out and punching people right in the face, and I don’t care how much the average voter may hate “tree-huggers” — being told “there’s nothing going on here, and no reason to do anything about it” just isn’t going to wash, after a while. Something is going on. Something does need to be done about it. Manmade, natural, cyclical…who cares? Get on the damn problem.

    But they can’t. Because they don’t even have bad solutions for it, like they do for health care.

    How the Conservatives have fallen! In B.C. in the Seventies, the Tories built their platforms around the environmental issues the Liberals of the day were ignoring, and found favour not only with outdoorsmen but with loggers, miners, fishermen, etc. Don’t tell me a logger hates the forest! Any logger loves the forest, and they care about what happens to it. They live in it, after all. And they want to hear what serious people have to say about it. But, the current Tories don’t have jack to say about it. Listen to them talk about the environment, and you swiftly come to the conclusion that they’re either vandals, or idiots. They are not, as far as I can tell, serious people at all. And these commercials just make them look even less serious. In fact they make them look totally frivolous.

    This will sink them, I think. Not that I’m any kind of a party man one way or the other, but…these clowns, no. I’d be more likely to trust Mulroney on the environment, and I can’t believe I just wrote that, but it’s true.

    Talk down to me, willya?

    No, I’ll talk down to you. You can’t turn the clock back, fool.

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! That felt good.

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