And now, just like that, I’m moved in for good.  Expect a new post soon.


5 responses to “Placeholder

  1. Hey.

    Just read about your New Blogger import problems on the old blog, so maybe this can be a solution.

    I haven´t tested it as I never used Blogger but, well… you might just test it on a beta installation and see what happens.

    Here´s the plugin.

  2. Hmm, I think it may be a while before my tiny brain can grasp how to use that, though. I’m not a very proficient computer user…

    Oh, well. Learning curves are good.

  3. Hey, Keeper!

    I guess this means once I figure out these fancy features I can keep track of you with a mouseclick! No more fussing!

    Yeah, I’m liking this, for sure.

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